Fresh T-Shirts!Fresh T-Shirts!

New custom t-shirts on Kustom Freaks! Come see our new collection of t-shirts and do not hesitate to send us your ideas for customization.
If you like Harley-Davidson (panhead, knucklehead, shovelhead), the Cafe Racer, Hot Rods, then you are at right place.
Kustom Kulture, Custom shirts and t-shirts.

At Kustom Freaks, before puting T-Shirts on sale, we try them. I know, it may seem obvious, but it is not always. I mean, not for everyone ... Who has not already found himself with 2 sizes down or a pattern that starts to go in tatters after first wash? So not only are we trying them, but we wear them every day, because, yes, we are proud of what we make!

All our short sleeve T-Shirts have a weight of 185gr and an excellent quality (B&C Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified) that ensures high resistance to both size and color after several washes. Our patterns, exclusive Kustom Freaks designs, are in serigraphy . So if you were thinking of making a wet T-shirt contest with them, just forget it: nothing transpires through these T-Shirts. They are made of ... FABRIC! A real fabric, I mean... Something 100% cotton, which will last long unless you abolutely want to do something silly with them, like polishing your chopper's or your kustom car's chromes. And even this, I'm not sure that it is something which they should be afraid of. Because they are already BLACK!
Oh yes, I just forgot: Kustom Freaks applies Henry Ford's great principle when he launched his Ford T model: "Any customer can have a T shirt of any colour that he wants so long as it is black". And stop bitching: black goes with everything and it refines your silhouette. Thanks who?

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